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The Children of the Eclipse Campaign Setting (COTE) is a traditional high fantasy setting named after the two overdeities, Toldoth and Elishar.

This setting is built on ten core themes.

  1. People are Religious, but Superstitious
  2. Dragons are very Powerful and Independent of the Gods
  3. Prophecy is Important
  4. The World is Highly Regionalized
  5. The World has several Massive Labyrinths
  6. The World is Encircled by the Maelstrom
  7. Forlorn is the Dark Echo of Taya, the Natural World
  8. Magic is Common, but Limited to the Gifted
  9. The Road is Not Safe
  10. Death is Rarely Reversible

Each of these themes will be elaborated upon further in the future.

Home Page

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